Cure Cancer Café

2024 CCC Chair Member Application

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Cure Cancer Café is Monta Vista Octagon’s largest event of the year where we raise money every year towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Throughout the years, we have already raised over $60,000 towards the cause. Cure Cancer Café caters dinner and entertainment to attendees for a ticket price of $20/person.

This year Cure Cancer Café will be: April 6th, 2024 and the venue is Country Holders Inn

The committees involved in organizing CCC are listed below:

The Acts Committee is in charge of organizing the performances and entertainment during the event. This will require finding talented individuals/groups that would be interested in performing and also managing auditions.

The Decorations Committee is in charge of the aesthetic aspects of CCC and creates all the decorations including table centerpieces, stage decorations, posters, balloon arches, and lights. The chair members are in charge of buying necessary supplies, making the decorations, and assembling them on the day of CCC.

Public Relations
The PR Committee focuses on advertising and public awareness of the event. If you enjoy making professional connections, PR is definitely the place for you.

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction Committee handles the collection and distribution of donations from gift cards to antiques. Each weekend, the Silent Auction Committee spends a couple hours in different locations informing businesses about CCC's cause and collecting donations. At CCC, these donations are sold and the funds are sent to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It’s a great way to connect with business people and like-minded high schoolers.

Waitering & Catering
The Waitering & Catering Committee focuses on finding the food that will be served at Cure Cancer Café, training waiters to serve at the event, and overseeing all the food and waitering activities during the event. W&C Committee has the special perk of testing out food at various restaurants before CCC!

How You Can Help:

1. Committee Chair (applications open in December): If you're dedicated and have some extra time, you should apply to be a committee chair and help the officers with planning out the event. If you are considering becoming an officer in the future, being a chair is a great way for the officers to get to know you better.
2. Waitering/Volunteering: If you want to participate and help out the day of, you can become a waiter or help by volunteering. If you waiter, you’ll have to attend a few training sessions and be present before/during the event. If you volunteer, you'll help with decorations, setting up tables, and more. Both are highly appreciated and volunteers will be awarded hours.
3. Donating/Attending: Both donations and ticket fees will go towards the American Cancer Society so if you want to contribute but can’t attend, you can always donate directly. If you want to attend, you can buy tickets from any officer.
4. More: Closer to the event, there will be more specific ways that you can help out with the event

If you have any general questions, email us!