Derek Shen

Hi! I'm Derek Shen and I'm extremely excited to be volunteering again this year. Fun fact about me, I'm the only one on the officer team that dislikes mangoes.

Anika Manjesh

Hi my name’s Anika and I love volunteering with everyone! Fun Fact: I love hot Cheetos :)

Anvitha Mattapalli

Hey! I'm Anvitha, and I'm thrilled to volunteer with you this year! One fun fact about me is that I've been living under a rock my entire life.

Shivank Dhamija
Director of Technology

Hi! I’m Shivank and I'm so excited to volunteer with you guys! One fun fact about me is that I am a GAP lover!

Jai Gupta
Director of Communications

Hi I'm Jai! My favorite fruit is pears!

Harish Ravichandran
Director of Events

Hi, I’m Harish Ravichandran! I’ve been volunteering with Octagon for the past four years. A fun fact about me is that my favorite sports team is the Los Angeles Clippers.

Sohni Tagirisa
Director of Internal Affairs

Hi everyone! My name is Sohni and I am looking forward to working with everyone this year. Something cool about me is that I am left-handed!

Jaebeum Cho

Hi! I’m Jaebeum Cho and I can’t wait to volunteer at CCC. Fun Fact about me, I got the Joe Shiesty winning the Superbowl!

Srushti Batni
Director of Public Relations

Hi! I’m Srushti and I am so excited for a great Octagon season. A little about me is that I love traveling and adventure sports.

Katrina Lin

Hi! I’m Katrina and I’m so excited to volunteer and meet you all through events this year! Something about me is that I play basketball and waterpolo, and I like to listen to music and draw in my free time!